Dump Trucks
in Marietta, Ohio
Brian Barth Excavating LLC

We Offer Hauling Services with Our Dump Trucks

Brian Barth Excavating LLC offers dump trucks to Marietta, Ohio, and beyond. Trust Brian Barth Excavating LLC, whether you need to haul sand, gravel, dirt, or anything in between. Contact Brian Barth Excavating LLC today at (740) 374-2331 for information, and to schedule a time to haul away whatever you need.

No Job Too Tough for Brian Barth Excavating LLC

When it comes to hauling, Brian Barth Excavating LLC can handle any job. We can load up and haul various materials such as sand, gravel, rocks, dirt, snow, and home building materials. When you need to haul a tremendous amount of material trust Brian Barth Excavating LLC to get the job done.

Call for Equipment and Heavy Duty Hauling in Marietta, Ohio, and Beyond

Our dump truck services in and around Marietta, Ohio, do not end at the various materials we can haul. Brian Barth Excavating LLC also carries large machinery and equipment in Marietta, Ohio, and beyond. We are capable of loading and hauling wide-loads, large piles of material, and anything else. We work to provide hauling at both residential and commercial levels in Marietta, Ohio, and surrounding areas.

Farmers and Utility Companies Trust Brian Barth Excavating LLC

We work with farmers to haul heavy equipment and materials such as machinery and soil. Our team also works with utility companies to haul their equipment and transport their materials and any other services needed. Any hauling needs are always in safe hands with Brian Barth Excavating LLC on the job.

We Get Construction Materials Where They Need to Be

Brian Barth Excavating LLC can load up and haul away nearly anything you can think of. We work closely with building companies, farmers, and city officials. We also work with building companies to get those materials to their building sites. If all of those people trust us with their equipment, we must be doing something right. See what we can haul for you today.

Call Brian Barth Excavating LLC when you need dump trucks in Marietta, Ohio.